Daijob AGENT - A career support service using Daijob.com's database

For Candidates New to Our Service

Daijob AGENT provides full job-search support at no cost. Our consultants are experts in a wide range of industries. We conduct one-on-one career consultation for a suitable career plan. We also introduce positions that match your career plan, which includes exclusive openings from global companies. work closely with client companies, thus fully understanding their needs and allowing us to support you with proofreading resumes, interview tips, etc., to aid your application process.

Our Strengths

  1. We use Daijob.com, the No.1 career site in Japan, to introduce bilingual positions.

    As a recruitment consultancy service for companies operating Daijob.com, we have a network of recruiting companies with bilingual positions, and we can propose appropriate projects from a large number of job offers.
    Most of our job offers are closed to the public.

  2. We possess real information about recruiting companies and are able to conduct interviews and negotiate annual income.

    Our consultants are organized by specialty. They can provide you with the best support depending on their past experiences.

Specialized Fields Supported

  • IT / WEB
    There are plenty of bilingual openings in various industries including AI, ad technology, gaming, etc., regardless of company size.
    Recruitment in foreign-affiliated start-ups is also on the rise.
    With globalization rapidly progressing in this field, we have a track record for supporting foreign engineers in their career move.
  • Electronics Manufacturing
    Mainly dealing with foreign-affiliated electronics manufacturers, we also introduce specialized positions in Japanese electronics manufacturing sales (domestic and overseas), back office and marketing.
  • Mass media / Advertising Agencies
    With foreign-affiliated online streaming, major media companies and distributing agencies actively entering the Japanese market, candidates who can catch up with the latest information in English in this rapidly changing industry are highly desirable.
  • Hotel / Travel
    Due to the increasing demand from inbound tourism, there are many job openings mainly in foreign and independent luxury hotels.
  • Consumer Goods
    With the growth of online services such as hotel reservations and air ticket arrangements, the number of job seekers who change their offline jobs to online in the travel industry is increasing.
  • Education
    In addition to job openings for studying abroad consultants to coordinate partnerships with overseas corporations, there is also an increasing number of online teaching positions for newly opened and expanding English online classes. We also have openings that involve the publishing of English teaching materials, etc.

Service Flow

Services will be provided, including follow-ups after joining a company, at no charge.
  • Specialized career counseling
    STEP02 Consultation
    Specialized career counseling
    Provide career plans for bilingual and global talent.
    We will propose career plans that are unique to Daijob AGENT, which is strong in English-language recruitment, such as future prospects that are not recognized by the employees themselves. Approximately one hour is required for a consultation.
    Brief counseling by SKYPE, telephone, etc. is also possible depending on the situation. The average number of days from counseling to an offer at a company typically takes about 33 days.
  • English resume reviews
    STEP03 Recruitment consultations and interviews
    English resume reviews
    Proposals for job offers will be made based on the information obtained through the interview.
    We will also provide support for how to create English-language resumes tailored to each company, to increase the initial resume screening rate. We will provide support to the candidates by showing the points and experiences they need to check in their resumes, and how to convey their appeal to the company. Implementation of interview measures based on characteristics and past achievements.
  • Implementation of interview measures based on characteristics and past achievements
    STEP03 Recruitment consultations and Interviews
    Implementation of interview measures based on characteristics and past achievements
    We record the questions asked by past interviewees and the atmosphere and character of interviewers in our in-house database.
    In addition, our consultants have discussions with hiring staff to deepen their understanding of interview points. Based on this information, we then support the improvement of the interview process by providing interview advice as seen fit.
  • Appropriate scheduling and post-interview improvements and measures
    STEP04 Feedback and Offer
    Appropriate scheduling and post-interview improvements and measures
    Multiple interviews are often conducted at the same time.
    Efficient interview scheduling is a must. There are cases where applicants declines a company due to feeling anxious about results or receiving an offer from another company. Therefore we recommend to schedule interviews as efficiently and quickly as possible. After the interview, we ask not only the results of the interview but also for feedback regarding the candidate and any reasons for rejecting them. This feedback helps us to make improvements for a next interview.


How is Daijob AGENT different from other agencies?
Daijob AGENT (Human Global Talent) is the recruitment agency operates Japan's largest bilingual employment website, Daijob.com. With around 20 years of operation, we have expertise in the bilingual job market to provide satisfactory career change services.
Why is the service free?
We receive a referral fee from our client companies when we successfully introduce suitable candidates for their positions. Therefore, no cost is incurred to applicants.
Tell me about the service procedure.
We provide a comprehensive service in the following order, including editing your resume, interview preparation, negotiations on annual income and employment date, etc.
1. Contact us ➡ 2. Send your resume ➡ 3. Career consultation ➡ 4. Introduce positions ➡ 5. Interview ➡ 6. Job offer and negotiation, etc. ➡ 7. Successful hire
Can we meet and discuss in person?
For those residing near Tokyo, you may visit our office for a free career counseling. It is also possible to discuss over the phone or Skype at your preferred time.
I don't live near Tokyo, will I still be able to ask for advice on career change?
There are many from the suburbs who consult us on finding employment in Tokyo. We are able to conduct consultations over the phone/Skype at your preferred time. In the event that you have a confirmed interview with the company you applied to, we also help to coordinate remote interviews using Skype.
How early should I start the consultation?
The appropriate timing is three months before your desired employment month, even though it ultimately depends on your motivation to change jobs. There are some who have decided to job hop only when they chanced upon their desired positions. We will adhere to your timing and request to fully support your career change.
Can you negotiate the desired conditions and employment date on my behalf?
One of our major roles is to achieve a win-win situation for both job seekers and client companies regarding negotiation of income, date of employment, etc. We always do our best to make arrangements that are in the best interests of both parties.
What is the difference between double-sided and single-sided staffing services?
Daijob AGENT adopts a double-sided style of service where the staff-in-charge between client companies and candidates is the same, while a single-sided style means separate staff for client companies and candidates. Most small and medium staffing companies adopt the double-sided style, providing one-to-one support to candidates on company information and interview tips. On the other hand, major staffing companies provide a more extensive job database and efficient service by following the single-sided style.
Am I still eligible for a consultation even if my English is not good?
Yes, of course. There are many positions in foreign-affiliated companies that do not require English ability. Language proficiency is one of the skills to perform jobs, but candidates’ experience and expertise are also highly emphasized. Even if you are not confident right now, your motivation to further improve is important in fully developing your potential.
Do you introduce jobs abroad?
The number of overseas positions depends on job category and desired work country. Please contact us so that we can make the necessary introductions.
I'm looking to travel for work. Are there such positions?
We have many bilingual positions available, including positions that require business trips overseas.
What is the ratio of foreign-affiliated to Japanese companies introduced?
The ratio is about 5:5. There are Japanese companies intending to venture abroad, hence global openings at Japanese companies are steadily increasing.
Is there anything required to use this service?
We recommend preparing a resume/CV. A resume in English is sometimes required depending on the companies. We provide resume templates and advice on writing if necessary.