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I will give you advice on bringing your goals closer to reality.

Nanako Kawase

[Specialized industry] IT/Web Industry - Consultant
[Available Languages] Japanese, English

I will give you advice on how to bring your goals closer to reality. By offering a thorough career consultation, I aim to fully understand candidates' professional goals, talents, and past experiences by providing a detailed career consultation so that I can introduce relevant firms. I also offer guidance based on my personal job-search experiences.

We provide support that pursues possibilities from the perspective of job seekers first.

Yukako Suda

[Specialized industry] FMCG, Luxury Consumer Goods, Apparel and Medical - Consultant
[Available Languages] Japanese, English

Besides candidates’ past experiences and requests, I also try to explore their possibilities. With my own experience as a job seeker in mind, I try to provide services in their best interests, such as detailed resume editing and interview preparation.

Our first priority is to provide information that will help you move ahead in your next career step.

Mayu Miyamoto

[Specialized industry] IT/WEB(Sales, Marketing) - Consultant
[Available Languages] Japanese, English

I feel that the goal of recruitment is not just getting hired, but being able to play an active role yet enjoy work-life balance in your next workplace. That is why I like to discuss and plan a suitable career for each and every candidate. I will put my best efforts to show you all aspects of client companies which will enable you to visualize your future and choose accordingly.

We can keep an eye out for positions that meet you career goals.

Tomohiro Chikaarashi

[Specialized industry] IT/WEB(Sales, Marketing) - Consultant
[Available Languages] Japanese

I try to make proposals not just by introducing job openings but also by thinking about the kind of career path expected from candidates. I think the goal is not only getting hired but to be continually evaluated in your next workplace. I strive to provide a careful and well-thought consultation to prevent any job incompatibility.

I provide information that helps you imagine the work and company.

Megumi Murakami

[Specialized industry] IT/WEB(Engineer) - Consultant
[Available Languages] Japanese, English

I provide information to help you visualize the kind of work that companies do. I strive to provide a thorough consultation to prevent any job incompatibility. When making suggestions, I tend to present not only the attractive deals but also explain the reasoning behind each proposal. I try to take into consideration each and every candidate’s future career plans in order to make proposals accordingly. Matching conditions are important, but I also address any ongoing doubts and provide more details about entering a company.

We will support career development centered on proposals from foreign-owned companies.

Songhyon Kim

[Specialized industry] Service(General) - Chief Consultant
[Available Languages] Japanese, English, Korean

Mainly focusing on global enterprises, I have a deep understanding of clients' needs and can provide candidates with the most acurate information.

We propose optimal projects based on career goals.

Keisuke Teruta

[Specialized industry] Electronics manufacturing - Consultant
[Available Languages] Japanese

Considering the candidates’ long-term career vision, I try to propose not just job openings but also future career goals and consultations.

Changing a job is a big life decision

Akira Arai

[Specialized industry] Advertising Sales and Marketing - Consultant
[Available Languages] Japanese

When seeking for new opportunities, one must consider a number of factors, including what they want to accomplish and how they may apply their previous expertise. I aim to assist applicants in realizing their full potential and making decisions that they will be happy with.


Shuhei Miwa

[Specialized industry] IT/Web Industry - Consultant
[Available Languages] Japanese, English


Our mission is to support your hiring and provide valuable information!

Ryu Kohinata

[Specialized industry] Entertainment, E-commerce and Marketing - Consultant
[Available Languages] Japanese, Chinese, English

Graduation, a career change, marriage... these major life events are frequently accompanied by anxiety. I'm always trying to use my bilingual experiences - both my errors and accomplishments - to good use and come up with a solution that will make the candidates truly satisfied. We believe in our applicants' potential and work hard to match qualified job seekers with employers who match their skills and qualifications. Our objective is to provide useful knowledge, which we aspire to achieve through collaborating closely with our clients and fostering social innovation.