Daijob AGENT - Many bilingual professionals have succeeded in career changes!

With past marketing experiences at a foreign-affiliated advertising firm, now globally active at a major PC manufacturer!

Before Advertising firm
Previous experience in PR and marketing of consumer goods and food manufacturing brands. Had experience in promotional activities of client companies but wanted to be in charge of marketing in the upstream and downstream processes of operating companies.
After Foreign-affiliated major PC manufacturer
- Planning and production of sales promotion tools
Involved in the direction and production of various tools to create easy-to-understand product contents
- Promotional planning, implementation
Promotion and event planning, direction, implementation, reporting and feedback through collaboration with internal and external companies based on the message/direction of our brand/product
- Online community content planning
Seasonal content planning, planning, and execution of online promotions, proposal of social media content
Assignment and results of job change

Previous involvement in planning and execution of promotions at the advertising agency proved to be slightly frustrating as she had no idea regarding the sales of the product and the impact of her own marketing activities. Frankly speaking, it was hard to secure an interview for marketing positions but our consultant helped in reasoning her job change and experiences at the advertising firm, which led to her successful hire.

- Marketing career at desired company

Wanting to use English at work, she is now at an English educational institution using her English ability!

Before Domestic insurance company
In charge of developing sales but the candidate wanted to make full use of her language abilities gained from her studies abroad, hence decided to switch career.
After Japanese major English educational institution
Business planning proposals for English teaching materials, e-learning, global education support to educational institutions that produce competitive bilingual candidates.
Assignment and results of job change

Having done her college exchange program in New Zealand, the candidate felt a burning desire to further improve her English after interacting with many foreigners, but since she did not have used much English in insurance sales, she decided to change her job. Our consultant suggested the education industry, where she can make use of her sales experience and English proficiency. We gave her advice on interview tips and highlighted her experience of studying abroad, thus succeeded in getting her a job offer.

- Increased salary from 3 to 3.4 million yen
- Increased usage of English

Enjoying work-life balance at a foreign-affiliated company, making use of her past administrative experiences abroad!

Before Previous administrative experiences in Australia and Southeast Asia. Aimed to work in Japan with her husband after marriage.
After Sales administration at a foreign-affiliated machinery manufacturer
Create quotations, receive and place orders through the ERP system, manage delivery dates/inventory, contact with customers, etc. Also in charge of contact with overseas headquarters.
Assignment and results of job change

With only overseas working experiences, the candidate was hoping to work in a foreign-affiliated company. Not too particular about the annual income, she requested for a position where she can use English, and enjoy work-life balance. Having been employed overseas for a long period of time and with several job changes, she still managed to get a sales administrative position that was looking to be filled immediately.

- Gained employment in Japan despite having only overseas working experience
- Gained work-life balance
- Increased usage of English

Achieved a global career at a promising environment after job hopping to a foreign MNC!

Before Domestic trading company
Involved in administrative work such as preparation of import/export related documents, customs clearance, and delivery arrangements
After Foreign-affiliated web services company
Customer support for digital marketing systems, escalation to overseas development companies and consulting work to maximize marketing effects.
Assignment and results of job change

The candidate was feeling uneasy about her future and consulted Daijob AGENT in wanting a change to a working environment where she can further develop herself and build a potential career. We provided information on the company culture and working environment, details that are usually unknown before entering a company. Among the many introductions, she managed to land a job in a well-known foreign-affiliated company.

- Increased work using language skills
- Career change taking advantage of past experiences
- Work-life balance in a stable environment

Combining English with IT skills! Aiming to be a globally competitive engineer!

30 Yrs Male / Japan

Before Domestic system development company
Engaged in specifics design, module development and unit testing of core system development projects
After Foreign-affiliated software vendor
A full-stack engineer working on server side, front-end development (Agile), server operation and maintenance before automated testing.
Assignment and results of job change

He consulted Daijob AGENT to help in his job change because he realized that future engineers need to be equipped with practical language skills. After introducing him to many hidden bilingual engineer positions, he managed to get hired as an in-house engineer at a foreign-affiliated company.

- An environment in which you can develop your system engineering skills
- An environment that leverages and improves English language skills
- Increased annual income 4,800,000 JPY -> 5,500,000 JPY

Unlocked potential unknown to himself...

Before Domestic IT staffing company
After Japanese global ad technology company
Assignment and results of job change

With improved Japanese after two years in Japan, he decided to consult Daijob AGENT to find another job with better working conditions. After a thorough consultation on his experiences and skills, we recognized his potential and introduced companies with much better conditions than he had requested. He managed to get hired as an in-house development engineer at a Japanese global company that we introduced.

· Increased annual income and significant improvement in other employment conditions
· Environment where he can focus on system development

Career change from an English teacher to a game localization professional!

Before Domestic English conversation school
English conversational lessons, teaching material creation/translation/teaching material sales.
After Japanese global gaming company
Localization, translation, interpretation and directional work for Japanese games overseas.
Assignment and results of job change

The candidate was feeling uneasy about his future after working as an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) for 4 years and wanted to make a career change using language abilities. He was not confident of his past working experiences, but after we learned about his hobbies, self-taught Japanese and working experiences in his home country, we successfully matched a position as a localization director in a Japanese gaming company.

- Career change
- Have a clearer career vision

A change to a wider job scope and an English speaking environment to acquire business skills that can be utilized globally in the future!

Before Japanese advertising firm
Sales development through telemarketing
After Foreign-affiliated advertising firm
Sales planner, involved in marketing strategy planning/implementation/operational direction/effectiveness verification/reporting, etc.
Assignment and results of job change

His previous position was sales development but wanted to be more involved in the consulting field. He did not seem too confident in his English skills, but our consultant managed to propose different hidden job openings, and he got employed at one of the foreign-affiliated advertising agencies.

- Work environment where he can improve language skills
- Wider job scope
- Improvement of work-life balance

Using my current experience and skills, I want to use English on overseas business trips!

26 Yrs Female / China

Before Japanese advertising firm
Mainly online advertising operations, effectiveness verification/reporting for the Japanese market
After Japanese global media company
Engaged in a wide job scope such as inbound media operations, content planning and direction targeting China, communication between Japan and China, alliance negotiations with overseas partners.
Assignment and results of job change

The candidate was hoping for an increase in annual income and to work using language skills. As she was open to traveling overseas for work, we introduced many Japanese global companies and others that are looking to expand overseas. She was pleased to land her ideal position as a global marketer with a great hike in income.

- Increase in frequency of use of language skills, such as for overseas business trips
- Expansion of business
- Increased annual income 3,500,000 JPY -> 4,000,000 JPY