Daijob AGENT - Hiring support using Daijob.com

Why choose Daijob AGENT

  1. I am confident in the quantity and quality of candidates.

    Daijob.com's DB is certified by a third-party organization as the No. 1 database with the most registered global IT professionals. We bring in candidates using unique methods other than from scouts and applications. In addition, consultants have information of both clients and candidates. Therefore, we can promptly make recommendations while also guaranteeing the quality of the consultants.

  2. To respond to multilingual needs

    Our consultants have long-term study abroad and overseas work experience and can help you in Japanese and English.
    We can provide daily contact, check Japanese and English language, and coordinate English JDs, etc.

  3. Putting together a diverse candidate pool

    In addition to headhunting, we hold recruitment seminars at our clients' offices for people who are considering applying for the position. At the seminars, we talk about the company and why it would be great to work there. We also use a variety of approaches create a candidate pool, such as creating articles that show off the company and fully draw out the attractiveness of your company through employee interviews.

  4. Recruitment and Personnel Services (RPO/HRO)

    In order to help your company recruit talent efficiently, we provide onsite or remote services.
    In addition, we are able to propose services such as support for the conversion of in-house documents into English, training such as vision workshops, and Japanese language training for foreign nationals.

List of Services

In place of busy HR staff, our bilingual AGENTs can handle the intial job search which includes: revision of job description, searching the database, scouting potential candidates, and prescreening (Japanese, English and Chinese supported).
*We also offer a performance-based service in which fees are not incurred before hiring.

Job Advertisement Service

We can create your job advertisement, publicize your company name or keep it private, and post on other career websites used by Daijob AGENTs such as Daijob.com. We manage applications and search for suitable candidates.

Scouting Service

We scout for talent that meets your hiring requirements on your behalf from Daijob.com and our own talent database.

Outsourcing of Recruitment Administrative Duties and the Recruitment Process

We offer a wide range of performance-based outsourcing, such as for recruitment advertising, scouting, application management, interviews, and negotiation of conditions.

Specialized Fields Supported

  • IT / WEB
    We deal with a wide range of IT-related companies from start-ups to majors. We introduce a broad range of talent across all areas of the IT and web domain, such as specialists in cutting-edge fields who are in short supply in Japan, as well as mobile game localizers.
  • Electronics Manufacturing
    We receive many requests from manufacturers strengthening their global expansion.
    There are many people looking to change job within the same industry, and we mainly introduce staff-level sales talent.
  • Mass Media / Advertising Agencies
    We have mainly been supporting major foreign-affiliated online streaming media companies and distributing agencies who are recently entering the Japanese market. We introduce staff-level sales and marketing talent as well.
  • Hotel / Travel
    Focusing on foreign hotels, we provide a great deal of support for mass recruitment of hospitality staff to handle the rapid increase of tourists visiting Japan and the need for personnel for advancing in-house IT.
  • Consumer Goods
    Along with the penetration of online services including ticket arrangement and hotel reservations, the introduction of IT-related personnel is increasing.
  • Education
    The popularity of online English conversation services has led to the shortage of English teachers, but as there is an abundance of foreigners in Japan represented by ALT and the like on Daijob.com, we support recruitment concentrating on quality and quantity.

Service FLow

Request Hearing
Personnel Proposals
Interview / Job Offer / Joining Company
Follow-up after joining the company
  • Daijob AGENT Recruitment Consulting Features
    Consultation is available to address any concerns you may have regarding recruitment, from topics ranging from the recruitment methods of bilingual and global talent to following up after a candidate is successfully hired.


What are the strengths of Daijob AGENT?
Our strengths lays in the introduction of bilingual talent based on our clients' needs using Daijob.com, Japan's No.1 career site for global talents. We support recruitment of global talent and can introduce a unique pool of candidates.
We would like to recruit in large numbers in a short time, so what proposals and support, including recruitment methods, are available?
We can create proposals based on your recruitment plans. A project-styled proposal is available to match your company's number of openings and schedule. For example, representing your company at Daijob's career fair, carrying out online promotions and more.
Is it possible to hold a meeting about requirements remotely?
Yes, it is possible.
Our staff prefers to visit your company if you are in the Tokyo area. If possible, we like to have a meeting in which we can meet you directly, so as to understand your company's appeal, and so on, but if you are outside the Tokyo area or have some other restriction, we are happy to hold the meeting on Skype or the telephone.
What are the approximate fees for introductions?
Only for successful recruitments (candidate accepts offer letter), we ask an introduction fee equal to 35% of the recruit's agreed annual income which is base annual + annual bonus. However, we are flexible in our consultation based on your company's recruitment conditions. Please do not hesitate to inquire further about our introduction fees.
Do you also introduce native Japanese speakers?
80% of the candidates registered in our Daijob.com talent database have a Japanese level at business level or above, and 60% are Japanese nationals. Daijob AGENT can introduce candidates of all nationalities making use of the talent database, and the proportion of native Japanese speakers actually introduced is high.
What methods does your company use to recruit candidates?
We start recruiting talent by scouting on Daijob.com and others of our own databases, using email newsletters, CRM, and posting positions on Daijob.com, and so on. We specialize in recruiting and proposing talent through the use of the media power of Daijob.com.
Can you provide an RPO (Recruitment Process Optimization) service?
Yes, we can.
We launched an RPO service from 2018. We make proposals matching the company's needs and recruitment volume. Both on-site and in-house methods of handling can be supported. In particular, we make use of the Daijob.com site we possess, so this provides cost-effectiveness for your company.
Do you introduce foreign nationals who can speak Japanese?
Yes. One of our particular strengths is foreign engineers.
Over 70% of the foreign nationals in the Daijob.com talent database have a level of Japanese at business level or higher. We can introduce foreign staff with a high level of Japanese in all kinds of jobs, such as engineering, marketing, and back-office jobs.
Which industries and types of jobs do you specialize in?
We specialize mostly in the IT/Web industry, service industry, and consumer goods industry.
In addition, the job types we specialize in are sales, marketing (in particular, the digital domain), Web and open source engineering, data analysis, infrastructure engineering, help desk, customer support, secretarial, administration, and so on.
What style of talent introduction do you use - double-sided or single-sided?
We basically provide a double-sided talent introduction service. There are 2 types of staff in our company - consultants and resourcers. Consultants are responsible for both companies and candidates, and resourcers are responsible for candidates only. Consequently, as the consultant responsible will act as a contact to your company, communication losses and mismatches are prevented.
Can you provide support in English?
Yes, we can.
Our consultants and resourcers are basically bilingual, so support in Japanese, English, and Chinese is possible. (Depending on the customer's industry, there may be languages in which we cannot provide support.)
Our requirements for the open position are not yet fixed, but can you provide consultation?
Yes, we can.
In determining the requirements for the open position, there are many and various matters to consider such as the job title, project details, work contents, and estimated annual income range. At Daijob AGENT, we can provide support in clarifying the open position requirements through consideration of trends and the market feel, etc., in the registered job seekers and open positions at Daijob.com.
We have not produced a job advertisement. Is that OK?
Of course. After meeting with and learning in more detail about your company and the position, we can prepare your job description. A well-written job description greatly affects the number of applicants.
To use this service, is there anything our company needs to prepare?
We request that you complete and submit the "application to use the talent introduction service". In addition to that, we may ask you to submit the required information (job and employee benefit information) for recruitment of job seekers, etc.
Is it possible to make a talent introduction contract according to our standard format?
Contracts are available in both Japanese and English. Please feel free to consult with us.