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I introduce candidates based on their skills and thinking!

Airi Tomita

[Specialized industry] Service(Education, Hotel/Travel) Consultant
[Available Languages] Japanese, English

The agent's role is as mediator connecting the business and the candidate, but the agent also tries to introduce a candidate who fits the business having understood why the business is looking for new staff in the first place, what they want the new employee to have in mind when working, and the purpose of recruiting staff.
It is precisely a match of the candidate's way of thinking and the business' way of thinking and corporate culture, not only the candidate's experience, which enables the candidate to demonstrate their capability maximally, and contribute to the business.

Candidates that are a right fit for your company!

Tetsuya Tajima

[Specialized industry] Service(Entertainment, consulting) Consultant
[Available Languages] Japanese, English

With recent globalization and continuing increases in diversity, I aim to have a broader outlook by introducing talent including foreign nationals. As a partner to the client business, and as a spokesperson conveying "why, what and how it is good" to the job seeker, I do not stop at a simple skills match, but strive for a vital personnel matching precisely down to the business.

Success by short-term intensive recruitment through recruitment seminars and programs.

Nanako Kawase

[Specialized industry] Service(Hotel/Travel, Study Abroad) Consultant
[Available Languages] Japanese, English

The law will be amended in April 2019 so that henceforth we can expect further activity with foreign nationals. We are running a talent introduction business specializing in global talent, and each consultant is responsible for industries in which they utilize their own experience. For this reason, they have a deep understanding of businesses and the details of their jobs, and have many successes matching businesses and job seekers. With our one-pass system, I aim to be an agent with a high level of hospitality.

Focus on matching the essence of both parties!

Yukako Suda

[Specialized industry] Consumer Goods(Luxury brands) Consultant
[Available Languages] Japanese, English

With the motto of “businesses are made up of people”, I perform career consulting. I do not stop at the simple uncovering of job offers and talent introduction, but by drawing out the respective true feelings of the client and candidate, I focus on essential matching, not keyword matching.

Studying everyday to provide high quality mediation as an AGENT.

Toshihide Masai

[Specialized industry] IT/WEB(Sales, Marketing) Chief Consultant
[Available Languages] Japanese, English

I believe that more than a company consisting of people, recruitment determines the growth of a company. In a world of advancing IT and globalization, I believe that recruitment of bilingual talent and foreign nationals is an issue that henceforth companies cannot avoid. We at Daijob AGENT have gathered members with the feeling that they can help in resolving this recruitment issue. As career agents who can always provide high value, we strive hard to study daily.

As a recruiting partner, we will provide further support after prospective employee joins your company.

Mayu Miyamoto

[Specialized industry] IT/WEB(Sales, Marketing) Consultant
[Available Languages] Japanese, English

Just as "people, things, money and information" are said to be management resources, I think that "recruitment" is an important pillar supporting a company. Of course, we help decide on hires, but we also strive to introduce people who will shine after entering the company.
We hold a hearing not only on the requirements of a position but also on the enthusiasms, thoughts and concerns of the person responsible for the recruitment and on-site staff. In this way, we support you as a recruitment partner.

We will support the recruitment of talent who fulfill the intentions of both parties.

Tomohiro Chikaarashi

[Specialized industry] IT/WEB(Sales, Marketing) Consultant
[Available Languages] Japanese

In response to the diverse needs of customers and changes in the business environtment, recruitment is no longer limited by nationality, age or gender.

Using my experience at Sire, I hope to build happy relationships with clients.

Hitomi Konno

[Specialized industry] IT/WEB(Engineer) Consultant
[Available Languages] Japanese, English

I have experience in working in IT companies and in overseas branch offices, so I possess strengths in conveying real information to candidates. I carry out services from personnel strategy and recruitment planning to consulting, and I endeavor to contribute as a recruitment partner to ensuring diversity and business development. I provide support to build a happy relationship between both your company and candidates.

Taking advantage of our ability to communicate, we have made candidates our fans.

Aiko Aoki

[Specialized industry] IT/WEB(Engineer) Consultant
[Available Languages] Japanese, English

With the "power to convey" as a weapon, I explain to job seekers the thoughts of management, the direction the business is aiming for, and the expectations of the job, in an effort to produce fans of your company. As a trustworthy recruitment partner, I work to introduce global IT talent.

I recommend talent in anticipation of your company's medium-to long-term corporate growth.

Megumi Murakami

[Specialized industry] IT/WEB(Engineer) Consultant
[Available Languages] Japanese, English

For globalizing businesses, we carefully listen to our clients' needs and better understand their recruitment and company growth plan bceause we value making the best recommendations to our clients. With our company's strength in the IT industry, we can introduce unique talent and provide recruitment support as a partner.

Recommendation of the right people based on genuine conversation

Masato Oshikiri

[Specialized industry] IT/WEB(Cutting-edge back-end Engineer) Consultant
[Available Languages] Japanese

As a partner with the mission of "recruitment" that is fundamental to a company, not simply a subcontractor, my creed is to be a consultant who grows together with the company. In the case of your request, I will take the opportunity to hold a meeting, and I want to hear your company's good points and bad points! Telling me the nature of your company as it is, I will endeavor to support an introduction without the occurrence of a mismatch.

We are committed to becoming your most trusted consultant.

Koichi Taniguchi

[Specialized industry] IT/WEB(Start-up) Consultant
[Available Languages] Japanese, English

I have experience in foreign-owned hotels and foreign-owned financial sales and have been involved in resolving issues through contact with over 1,000 companies including in my current post. In the confusion of numerous recruitment companies being established in recent years, I make efforts in my daily duties to aim to be an "especially trustworthy consultant". With the great weapon of our size as the No.1 global talent company, I will strive toward your company's growth.


We can recommend the right people from within the changing market!

Songhyon Kim

[Response area] Kansai
[Specialized industry] Service(General) Chief Consultant
[Available Languages] Japanese, English, Korean

As part of the client business' recruitment activity, I try not only to introduce talent, but to support that person in becoming a central axis in the company afterward, and to bring together the business and the candidate. In the ever-changing talent market, our consultants make efforts to be able to contribute to everyone.

Creating opportunities to from all the possibilities!

Keisuke Teruta

[Response area] Kansai
[Specialized industry] Electronics manufacturing Consultant
[Available Languages] Japanese

In our profession in which we create opportunities for the individual and business to profit from each other's possibilities, as an agent between both, I strive for an introduction which is the best match. I make efforts to be able to provide support toward the goal of recruitment decided by the customer.