Daijob AGENT - Successful hires even for difficult positions

Artwork Production Management

More than 10 people recommended from DaijobAGENT!「SHARK Japan」 Ability to Create Brand Value


Managing Director / Reiko Nakamura (CEO)

SHARK Japan has been using Daijob AGENT since 2014.
They are responsible for the branding of well-known large corporations.The number of brands, including parent company SGK Group (headquartered in Illinois, U.S.), is more than 500 worldwide.
We talked about a wide range of topics, ranging from global branding methods to new internal evaluation methods.

Reiko Nakamura, who interviewed with us, was also a speaker at TEDx with the theme 「Seek Leadership!」.

What is the difference from other agents?
Yokokawa: "We are supporting recruitment in Daijob AGENT for about four years. What are the reasons for choosing us?"

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Sales Representatives: In charge of mass retailers

"Mass Retail Experience + English" The story of a young professional! A look into connecting your home country with English


I wanted to find a sales representative, so I consulted about recruitment. It is currently a struggle in the industry to recruit sales talent, and I have made requests to other agents, but it was difficult to turn up talent. To further expand the business in the future, as I looked for talent with the key phrases of "sales ability" + "English ability" as mandatory, it was an extreme struggle.
However, I made a request to Daijob AGENT, and several candidates were introduced all with language skills. Among these, there was even a person with sales experience of consumer electronics mass retailers, who we successfully recruited. By securing good talent, momentum was built up which strengthened sales, and this was a great help.
Account Executive

"Advertising Sales Experience + English Skill" Renewal of internal structure, and the hiring of bilingual potential!


Currently, we are hiring to increase headcount as the results of the Japan branch are good. In addition, with the average age of employees becoming high, we are progressing with recruitment as we want to rejuvenate the company, so we are also carrying out potential recruitment.
We requested posting of an advertising sales position with a level of language ability sufficient to achieve cooperation with the overseas HQ as an extremely important factor, and we were introduced to candidates in their 20s who combined advertising sales experience with language ability. We were able to progress to hiring extremely smoothly, and despite it being potential recruitment, were introduced to people with experience in advertising sales, so we are extremely grateful.
Development Engineer

Successful recruitment for a bilingual engineer position! They can support all job types!


We wanted to recruit a bilingual web development engineer who could handle dealings with overseas branches, so we consulted with Daijob AGENT. Our company provides web analysis tools, but the Daijob AGENT staff who supported us had a fairly deep understanding of the industry and job types, carried out a detailed hearing about and understood the contents, strengths and differentiation of the products we develop. Also, we recruited for a wide variety of job types, but they dealt with any positions including sales, engineering, customer support and back office, and recommended many candidates with a sense of urgency, so even now it has been a tremendous help.
Japanese - English Translater

Double-sided x media power! An introduction service committed to quality and quantity


We develop an app for learning English and needed to hire foreign talent in planning and translation of learning contents, etc., so we got in touch with Daijob AGENT which is strong on bilingual talent. We are still a start-up company with around 10 staff, and we cannot yet afford to educate inexperienced staff, so we are looking for introductions to talent who can have an immediate impact. These are quite stiff conditions, so to be honest on our side we thought it would be difficult to recruit immediately, but their introduction of far more talent than we expected surprised us. Also, we are still an unknown company, but each of the candidates was of high quality, and we were impressed by many of the candidates coming to interview with a solid understanding of the details of our business. We would like to benefit from Daijob AGENT's capabilities for a variety of positions in the future, not just for foreign nationals.