Daijob AGENT - Based in Tokyo

Service Company

Daijob AGENT is provided by the Recruitment Consulting Services Division of Human Global Talent Co., Ltd., which operates Daijob.com*.

Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. serves as a bridge between registered Daijob members with excellent international communication skills and companies and recruiting agencies looking for personnel with an international perspective. In order to contribute to internationalization, the Company is developing global human resources businesses, including the global career fair and global recruitment consulting services, starting with the Daijob.com job information website for foreign and Japanese-affiliated global corporations.

* Daijob.com is recognized domestically in Japan. We have the No. 1 database with global talent.
No.1 for Registered Global Talent!
No.1 for Global Job Opportunities!
No.1 for Registered Global IT Professionals!
( ESP Research Institute as of June 8, 2017)

Name Human Global Talent Co., Ltd.
*Dajob Global Recruiting Co., Ltd changed its name on March 1, 2019
Date of Foundation July 1, 2010
Representative Director Tomoki Yokokawa
Capital 10 million JPY
Issued Stock 200
Last Day of the Fiscal Year March 31st
Main Shareholder or Shareholding Ratio Human Holdings Co., Ltd. 100%
Main Financing Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation


■Advertising and Media・Operation of Global, Bilingual Job Board “Daijob.com”
・Operation of jobsite for Japanese jobs overseas “Working Abroad”
・Operation of global IT job board “Working Abroad Worldwide”
・Participation in international job board platform “The Network”
・Operation of HR Management Information Website for Global Enterprises “Daijob HR Club”
・Operation of jobsite launched for foreign IT specialists wanting to work in Japan: “Jobs in Japan”

・Operation of “Daijob Global Career Fair”

■Recruiting Agency
・Paid Job Placement (Patent No. 13-ユ-306077)

■Outsourcing business
・Partial agency businesses for human resources, such as RPO (Resident/Remote)

■ Support Service
・ Japanese Language Education Services for Foreign Nationals
・ Multilingual translation services specializing in recruitment, employment and documents
・ Visa control and agency services
・ Training Program provided to Foreign Managers for Human Resource Management in Japan

Message from the President

代表取締役社長 横川 友樹

Through business, we are approaching an era with no barriers.

Globalization is happening with the progression of technology and transportation and even more so with business exchanges. The physical and psychological distance between countries is shrinking. Rather than being limited to job hunting in one’s own country, we now have the chance to work abroad and further challenge ourselves.

At Daijob.com, we have paid close attention to this global scene and have come to understand the world’s languages, cultures, and customs through our global recruitment service. From here on, we are determined to continue our service as a bridge between global companies and global talent.

Tomoki Yokokawa, President and Chief Executive Officer

Office Locations

Location Akasaka Enoki-zaka Bldg. 5F, 1-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku Tokyo
TEL/FAX TEL.03-6680-6833 FAX.03-6680-6464
Business hours Open weekdays: 9:00 to 18:00
Stations [JR Line, Odakyu Line, Keio Line, Tokyo Metro Line] 9min. walk from Shinjuku Sta. West exit
[JR Line] 5min. walk from Okubo Sta. South exit
[JR Line] 7min. walk from Shin-Okubo Sta.
[Toei Oedo Line] 6min. walk from
Shinjuku-nishiguchi Sta.
[Seibu Shinjuku Line] 3min. walk from
Seibu-Shinjuku Sta. North exit


We can help corporations in finding bilingual talent registered on
Daijob.com to meet their hiring requirements.

Website for hiring bilinguals and global candidates. “Daijob.com”

Website for hiring bilinguals and global candidates. “Daijob.com”


Since Daijob.com opened its proverbial doors in 1998 in Japan, it has since become a jobsite specializing in bilingual talent used in 27 countries including China as well as nations located in North America and Europe. Fifteen years after our creation, we are valued highly for our reliability and track record by over 3,270 companies which we have helped to fulfill their bilingual talent staffing needs. The Chinese version of our website was released in 2012, designed to support the upsurge in Chinese professionals. By offering Daijob.com in Japanese, English and Chinese, your company will be able to leverage our strengths in your recruitment strategy.

New jobsite for Japanese jobs outside Japan. “Working Abroad”

New jobsite for Japanese jobs outside Japan. “Working Abroad”


'Working Abroad' has been launched in order to link companies to job-seekers with a strong desire to work overseas. The site, online from April 2014, also satisfies a growing demand for non-Japanese people who understand Japanese culture and business practices and also have experience studying or working in Japan, in addition to the increasing need for Japanese people who can communicate effectively with people on site in other countries.

If you're looking for globally-minded professionals wanting to work outsideJapan, 'Working Abroad' is where you need to be. Our battle-ready job-seekers are perfect for your global expansion plans.

Operation of global IT job board “Working Abroad Worldwide”

Operation of global IT job board “Working Abroad Worldwide”


Seeing the amount of IT & tech specialists decreasing in many countries globally, we launched Working Abroad Worldwide to match companies looking for tech talent with high-skilled specialists that are looking for a challenge abroad. Companies can publish their job ads globally and reach new markets of job seekers.

Meet job-seekers willing to change their career directly! “Daijob Go Global Career Fair”

Meet job-seekers willing to change their career directly! “Daijob Go Global Career Fair”


This is a global careers fair organized by Daijob which offers the opportunity to communicate closely with job-seekers who possess a strong desire to change or launch their career. Your company may also take this chance to further your recruitment branding.